Residents Leading Positive Change

Jackson's Trailblazers: Our Community in Action

In the face of adversity, residents of Jackson, Michigan emerged as pillars of progress. From the turmoil of a pandemic to present-day challenges, discover how ordinary citizens are crafting extraordinary transformations for their community at Residents in Action, Inc. Join the movement. Experience the change.
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Our Values

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Actionable Learning

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Authentic and Equitable Engagement

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Anti-Racist Activities

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Empower Jackson's Future

Support Residents in Action, Inc.

Every donation propels our community forward, strengthening the heart of Jackson. By contributing to Residents in Action, Inc., you’re not just giving funds; you’re investing in dreams, fostering unity, and shaping a brighter tomorrow. Stand with us. Make a lasting difference today!

For all donations, 85% is applied towards RiA projects and activities, and 15% is applied to RiA administration, operations and fiduciary services. Choose Cash App, PayPal, or mail for your convenience.

Please make checks payable to Residents in Action, Inc. and mail to:
915 Orchard Pl
Jackson, MI 49203

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