Impact Stories

RIA Impact Stories 2

Homeless Project 2023

This is an example of how the Residents in Action, Inc. Homeless project in partnership with the City of Jackson in the 2022/2023 winter season helped a homeless man.  Prior to being placed in a warm and safe hotel room, he was living in his van and had struggled with homelessness for three years after losing his trailer when he complained about the slumlord not following through on maintenance issues.  The homeless project offered peace of mind, relieved his stress and allowed him time and focus to address his health issues as well as to get personal business matters in order while he had a stable place to stay. 

“I appreciate all you have done and what you are doing. When I was in my van, my legs swelled up bad and many nights I forgot to take my heart/diabetic meds. Since being here I have gotten new doctors and going to appointments on time. I went to DHS and did a S.E.R. form I placed an app with Read Manor. So by you being nice and helping me has given me the incentive to do what was long over due. I’m very thankful for you being there for me. I don’t know what’s going to happen from here out but I’m thankful and appreciative for everything. Thank you so much! You have mad one hell of a difference I can’t thank you enough. You guys have been a great help and I would be glad to tell this story to anybody.”