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RiA and its member organizations provide services and supplies to Jackson residents in need. Your donations will help support the projects and activities occurring throughout Jackson. For all donations, 85% is applied towards RiA projects and activities, and 15% is applied to RiA administration, operations and fiduciary services. Choose Cash App, PayPal, or mail for your convenience.

Please make checks payable to Residents in Action, Inc. and mail to:
915 Orchard Pl
Jackson, MI 49203

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Residents in Action, Inc. Membership is a support network of community influencers focused on improving the lives of Black residents and others who have historically experienced inequity. Through intentional concentration on Black leadership and by promoting and deploying resident led initiatives, RiA works to build resilience, capacity and expands opportunities by leveraging relationships, connections and personal skill sets to progress community identified priorities.

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We would love to see you at our next event! RiA and its member organization have events each month, Watch our Facebook page for upcoming events and activities you may want to support. To hear about events and volunteering opportunities fill out our volunteer form.