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Residents in Action, Inc. Membership Application

Residents in Action, Inc. (RIA) is a support network of community influencers focused on improving the lives of Black residents and others who have historically experienced inequity in Jackson County. Through intentional concentration on Black leadership and by promoting and deploying resident led initiatives, RiA works to build resilience, capacity and expands opportunities by leveraging relationships, connections and personal skill sets to progress community identified priorities. With focus on equity, actionable learning and resident engagement, RIA members bridge the gaps between the disparate populations and leaders in the community through advocacy, education and collaboration and implement strategies to address specified concerns. In addition to operating as an equitable channel to facilitate, and disseminate relatable educational materials into the community, RiA is also a central hub of wrap around services and supports that elevate grassroots projects.

Membership with voting rights is open to any individual, group and/or organization that aligns with the Residents in Action, Inc mission, vision and values, is willing to contribute positively to the progress of the Jackson community and agrees to member expectations. Groups and individual community members with experience with inequity, working with complex community systems and emerging issues/problems are welcome to participate. Voting is reserved for approved members in good standing. Attendance is required for membership and the member organization’s representative shall be the chief decision maker and/or choose a single designated alternate.

Meetings are held at least quarterly but could be more frequently as published on the website. Annual dues are not required at this time but that may be subject to change in the future to contribute to the financial sustainability of the organization. All new members are also required to attend a new member orientation.

If you are interested in submitting a membership application to become a Residents in Action, Inc Member/Partner, for consideration, please review the links below and confirm per below.


If your beliefs are in alignment with the Residents in Action, Inc. Member Orientation Materials and you are willing to contribute positively to the progress of the Jackson community by partnering with Residents in Action, Inc. as an active volunteer member, please proceed with completing the information below:
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