Organization Information

The RiA Overview PowerPoint offers an in-depth look at the mission, vision, and key activities of Residents In Action. This presentation covers our history, major achievements, ongoing projects, and future goals. It’s an excellent tool for anyone looking to gain a thorough understanding of RiA’s impact within the community and the ways in which we advocate for change.

Onboarding Resources

This PowerPoint is designed for newly joined members of RiA, providing a detailed orientation to our organization. It includes essential information about RiA’s objectives, philosophy and successes. The presentation also guides new members on how to get involved in various initiatives and make the most of their journey with us.

Educational Materials

This resource provides a comprehensive understanding of the concepts of equity and equality. It delves into their definitions, differences, and significance in the context of social justice and community development. Through illustrative examples and practical scenarios, the material enlightens readers on why focusing on equity is crucial for addressing systemic imbalances and achieving true inclusivity in society.