Who We Are

We are community influencers taking action.

Operating from the perspective of, “It takes a Village,” and with the mindset that “Those closest to the problem have the solutions,” Residents in Action, Inc. acts as a trusted resource with the lived experience and connections to authentically engage the people that we live, work and play with daily. RiA members and partners are committed to progress the community by supporting each other, working together, strategically, collaboratively, and efficiently to dismantle the systems that perpetuate racial inequity. We aim to successfully brainstorm, plan, implement and execute strategies led by residents (the people) to lift up, our community and one another; we advocate for and promote grassroots initiatives and take collective action to challenge the status quo and to positively impact outcomes.

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Our Mission

To build individual capacity in order to actively influence systems change and to promote an equitable community through advocacy and implementation of actionable community driven strategies led by residents.

Our Values

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Personal reflection on how to advance our best intentions and collective awareness of the context and conditions that perpetuate inequity and racial injustice
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Personal commitment to come as you are and to utilize your skills and connections to progress work as well as ownership in challenging areas where systems change is needed
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Actionable Learning

Ability to take action and adjust behaviors based upon lessons learned
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Authentic and Equitable Engagement

Inclusive and Diverse perspectives solicited
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Anti-Racist Activities

Intentional and purposeful effort to dismantle systemic racism

Who We Are

Community Influencers

Personally committed to implementing strategies to address concerns identified and prioritized by the community

Change Agents

With lived experience willing and able to lead the change that they want to see through a resident community-based workforce model that has demonstrated results

System Change Advocates

Dedicated to challenge mindsets, practices and policies and to disrupt the status quo that perpetuates inequity to make Jackson a more equitable community where people can thrive instead of struggle and remain stagnant in survival mode

Capacity Builders

To arm the hardest to reach populations with knowledge and skills within a community-based workforce that will promote individual and collective agency and courage to stand up as advocates as well as develop a standard expectation of accountability w/individuals & systems.

RiA Staff

RIA Who We Are Tashia M Carter
Tashia M Carter, MAOM, BBL
Founder and Chief Executive Officer

RiA Board

RIA Who We Are Dr. Bob Powell
Dr. Bob Powell, PhD, LPC
RIA Who We Are Salena Taylor
Salena Taylor
Vice President and Member Advisory Chair
RIA Who We Are Rhonda Butler
Rhonda Butler
RIA Who We Are Robert Porter
Robert Porter
RIA Who We Are Brenda Pilgrim
Brenda Pilgrim
Board Member
RIA Who We Are Toby Berry
Toby Berry
NonProfit Advisor
RIA Who We Are Tashia M Carter

Tashia M Carter, MAOM, BBL

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

A Jackson native, activist and community influencer with more than 25 years of experience serving in health/managed care, data analytics, process improvement, operational performance, community organizing, and authentic engagement. She has a Bachelor’s in Business Leadership and a Masters’ in Organizational Management. She serves as an equity warrior and is committed to shifting power dynamics from professional systems, promoting authentic engagement and supporting strategies towards positive change to keep community voices front and center and to leverage resident leadership, expertise, trusted relationships, social networks and connections for resident led solutions that address inequities. As the Co- Founder/CEO of Residents in Action, she intentionally challenges status quo to drive equitable changes and advocates for those with lived experience to be fully resourced as experts to lead change and progress positive community outcomes. She is an active member of Partial to Girls and Racing for Equity and the acting Vice Chair for the Community Action Agency Board. She has served on multiple other boards and work groups such as the United Way/Jackson Community Foundation COVID-19 Fund Committee, the Ethnos Advisory Committee, Trauma Support Network, Co-Led the Social Justice Group, holds an Executive seat for the local NAACP branch and is often sought by local leaders to provide feedback on emerging needs and issues in the community. Tashia helped coordinate the Southside Art Mural project, led the Jackson Census video project, is actively leading the Black Life Experience project, owns Transcending Minds Consulting, LLC, works as an independent contractor for State of Michigan and Henry Ford Health Jackson and recently spearheaded a homelessness project with the City of Jackson via the Residents in Action community based workforce. She also LOVEs peanut butter and spending time with family.